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Welcome gentlemen (and ladies) to your number one escort agency. If you're looking to a find first class, sophisticated woman for some companionship*, delivered to you by a dependable agency that you will come to learn you can rely on, then look no further! Our company is a well-renowned, Hampshire Agency promoting women who are not only beautiful but full of zesty personality.

We have a wide variety of women registered with our agency. Whether you are looking for a busty blonde or a bronzed brunette, we can help you to conquer your every needs and desires. If you are wanting one of our ladies to accompany you to a social or even corporate event, then make sure you let us know. This way we can advise you of the most appropriate choices and make sure your girl comes fully prepared.

Our Portsmouth escorts are always discreet. Whether you like a bit of afternoon fun or an elegant, intelligent woman to make conversation with over dinner, we will ensure your requirements, and standards, are fully met. From hot, sexy teens to women of paramount sophistication, our VIP escorts are all divine. What’s your ultimate fantasy? Perhaps we can help you fulfil it with, let’s say - a ménage à trois, for some real fun and excitement.

To book an escort in Portsmouth just call the number at the top of your screen at any time!

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Are all your photos genuine and will I meet the lady I choose?

Absolutely - What you see is what you get!

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We are recruiting!

Escorting is lucrative and fun!

Work as little or as much as you like.

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Our ladies can meet you anywhere in the area, at your home or hotel.

Our females are exquisite examples of the very best that the escort world has to offer. These are beautiful girls and women with warm and exciting personalities. Any one of them will ensure that you spend a fulfilling and exciting time together.

Booking With Us Is Easy!

All you need to do to acquire one of these luxurious ladies is either of the following;You can call the number that you see at the top of this page now, or, during the times that it’s available, you can use our Live Chat Web Service.

You can be certain that with us you will receive a welcoming and completely discretionary service. What’s more? You’ll be delighted to hear that we know ALL of our girls on a personal level. which helps us to make exceptional recommendations in finding our customers, almost always, perfect matches. Now we just need to get to know you!

With thanks to nothing but the strictest and utmost professional scheduling, we are familiar with all of our girl’s daily comings and goings so we always know which of our girls are available to you for meetings and when. We strive on the standards of never letting a client down but if for any reason in an unforeseen circumstance your chosen date should become unavailable, then we will always make a recommendation for your next best suited match.

Tell us who or what you were hoping for and we will match you with our runner up ‘perfect partner’. Thanks to our agency’s efficiency we have many repeat clients who just keep coming back for more! This is because they can always trust in us to find them their ideal booking and we’ve yet to disappoint a client so far!

As you may have already guessed, we cover the whole of Hampshire, but we also cover Southampton, Bournemouth and the entire area of Portsmouth.

VIP Escorts

For the A-rated, supreme escorts our agency has to offer, take a look at our VIP Escort page. These are the one in a million, diamond dames who have earned their right to be titled ‘VIP Escorts’. From consistently receiving fantastic reviews to always delivering an exceptional experience, our clients are the ones who have put these girls onto our victorious VIP team page via their positive feedback, once again, more than proving that we are the go-to agency that you were counting on.

Speaking of feedback, once you have had the pleasure of meeting up with one of our girls, why not leave her a review! Our girls do like to be reassured of fact that they have left a client satisfied with their meeting! Who doesn’t enjoy an ego boost from time to time, right?

We have set the very highest standards for our girls, making sure we get to know each and every one of them on more of a friendly, rather than just professional level. This helps us to maintain an extremely organised, well-oiled and efficient business which in turn, helps you to book your ideal match effortlessly and in utmost confidence which you will no doubt be satisfied with.

Our ladies can meet you anytime or anywhere, at your choice of destination for example in a hotel or to your very own door in your comfort zone - home. We offer nothing but the very best and you will see from our exquisite examples what the escort world has to offer. The most beautiful girls and women with warm and zestful personalities are waiting for you now.

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We are an agency you can rely on.

We set very high standards for our girls. We make sure that we get to know every lady who works with us. We are organised and efficient, so you can book in total confidence. We never publish photographs on our website unless we are certain they are genuine. Once we know that a lady is suitable then we arrange to have our own photographs taken.

We always know which of our girls are available for meetings and when. We strive never to let a client down but if for any reason your chosen date should be unavailable then we can make a recommendation. Tell us what you are hoping for and we can match you with the perfect lady! We have many repeat clients who trust us to always find them an ideal booking. We've never disappointed anyone yet!

Portsmouth Escorts - Open 24 hours a day, every day!

One of the things we know that you will absolutely love about our agency is that we’re open around the clock. Yes, that’s right! We’re available 24/7. You can book a companion with us at any time of the day or night.

We always have escorts that are available for your disposal, whether it’s 3 o’clock in the morning or 3 o’clock in the afternoon. However, making advanced bookings is always advised if you have seen a potentially perfect partner on our website in particular that you would like to meet.

Nonetheless, if it’s just a more generic type of a lady that you have in mind for a laidback encounter, then you can leave it to us to find someone who will fulfil your dreams!

To book an escort in Portsmouth, just call the number at the top anytime!

We have a wide variety of women registered with our agency. Whether you are looking for a busty blonde or a leggy brunette, we can help. If you want to book a dame to accompany you to a social or corporate event, please let us know.

That way we can advise you of the appropriate choice and make sure the lady is fully prepared.

Our Portsmouth Escorts are always discreet. Whether you want a bit of afternoon fun or an elegant, intelligent woman to take to dinner, we will ensure your needs are met. From hot and sexy teens to sophisticated women, our VIP escorts are all divine. We can also help you fulfil perhaps the ultimate fantasy. Why not book a duo for some real fun and excitement?

Why Choose Hot Portsmouth Escorts?

If you’re searching for cheap escorts in the Portsmouth area, or just looking to see what talent is on offer before you book, then coming to our site was the right thing to do!

We have the best escorts in Pompey and are the best agency within the region.This is due to the fact that we offer services that no other escort agencies offer.

We are always honest with our clients and will always look to provide you with not only the best escorts that we have on our books, but the best escorts that are suited to you.

Don’t settle just for cheap escorts, at Hot Portsmouth escorts you get quality with adorable prices.

What we provide

We provide the cheapest escorts in Portsmouth, we do not publish these prices on our website but if you call our reception team we will tell you who is available and for what price, here are our unique selling point other agency cannot offer.

Real escort who are based in Portsmouth

Rest assured, what you see is what you get. We have never and will never publish a photograph on our website without first establishing with complete certainty that every inch of it is as genuine as the girl we see stood before us.

As soon as we recognize that any female who is a newcomer to our agency and well suited to our company and its standards and a suitable match for our clientele, we arrange to have our own photographs taken, professionally, in house.

Honest Pricing

Don't just settle for any cheap escorts, at Hot Portsmouth Escorts you get the best quality for easy on the pocket prices.

Our prices are extremely honest for both you and the escort you may be looking to hire. We feel that you, as the client, should not have to pay more than what is realistic for our services. We believe that low costs will lead to, for you as the client, a satisfying and rewarding experience that will keep you coming back for more which for us means more ‘repeat’ customers.

Fact – We provide the cheapest escorts in Portsmouth. We don’t publish these prices on our website due to competition amongst other agencies, but if you call our reception team we will tell you who is available and for exactly what price. Our prices are unique and affordable and no other agency can beat them.

Our ladies are real escorts who are based in the Portsmouth area, unlike many other escort agencies. This means we have genuine, local girls who are waiting now, nearby, for clients like you.


At Hot Portsmouth Escorts, one of our policies is to pay close attention to and prioritise our customer’s reviews, observations and overall feedback. We have and will keep on learning from consumer experiences as this has helped us to improve the way we run our agency, and has also helped us in choosing the right girls to work with us, for you. In doing this, we have managed to build our respected reputation up prominently and proudly over the last 5 years and this is why we are the best escort service in Portsmouth.

Being the best escort agency in Portsmouth is hard work but is always well worth the reward. This is why keeping our escort’s profiles up to date is so important to us. We are hot at keeping on top of newcomers, girls that are no longer with us, our girl’s interests and personalities or just knowing where they are and what they’re up to. With all of this information to hand, you will find it easier to establish who is available for booking and whether they are the right girl for you. Also, this helps our girls see for themselves how they are being portrayed online and if, in their opinion, it is correct.

As soon as you’ve had a meet up with one of our gorgeous glories, we know that you’ll want to come back for more and most likely leave us a review! Our escorts absolutely love it when a client leaves them a review as they take delight in learning from any feedback they receive, whether it being that you were satisfied with their company or that they completely blew your mind!

P.S. Why not bookmark our site now so that you can find us again in the future without a problem?

Regular updates on our escorts

Being the best Portsmouth escort agency is hard work but we feel it’s well worth the reward, this is why keeping our escorts profile update is important so you know who you’re booking and our escorts know how they are being portrayed online.

Working now escorts

Our ‘working now’ escorts are women in the area who we know are currently working and available for you to book.

This means that if you call us and ask for a working now escort you will be able to book her for immediately, but please do not hesitate to ask for any single one of our escorts as they may also be available for you to book now.

What areas do we cover?

As you may have already guessed we cover the whole of Portsmouth, but we also cover Southampton, Bournemouth and the entire area of Hampshire. We are also looking to expand our operations though, so watch this space!

So far so good? If you want to be the first to know about what’s happening in Portsmouth with our ladies then you can always sign up for our newsletter. You can find the form to subscribe to this at the bottom of this page.

We like to send out newsletters from time to time to let our subscribers know about all of the new escorts who have come to join us or inform you of any special offers that might be running.

Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter by clicking on the link above. Either way is a fantastic way to ensure that, moving forward, you are never going to miss out on any of our tantalising tasty girls or treats!

We’re Recruiting Now!

As we grow, so do our rosters and client’s needs. This is why we are always on the look-out for hot, new talent! We don’t have the same types of rules and regulations that other agencies may require for you to work for them so take a look. Below, you will see what we are currently looking for and what we may consider, so have a read and see if this is the job for you!

Females from the ages of 18 to 40 plus. We are not prejudice and believe that everyone has the right to work regardless of age, class, gender, weight, race, religion or ability so please feel free to apply regardless of the above if you feel you have what it takes to become an escort with us.

Males from the ages of 18 to 40 plus. We are currently recruiting male escorts in Portsmouth and Southampton as we believe that companionship comes in many forms of not just age but also gender. This is why we are now opening our doors to male applicants, so regardless of your sexual orientation, straight or gay, please do apply if you feel you have what it takes.

Will our ladies travel abroad via booking you ask?

Will our ladies travel abroad via booking you ask?

Great news, it’s like music to your ears! A few of our escorts will be more than pleased to travel abroad to see you. However, we will always strongly encourage that all of our customers arrange a short appointment to meet their chosen mademoiselle first, before making any longer bookings to avoid any disappointment.

If you’re not sure about booking one of our girls at the moment, then no hard feelings. But if you’re thinking about using our fantastic, unique services in the future, then why not bookmark our site now so that you can find us again, hassle free?