Your Fantasy Weekend

Written by Matt Fox.

May the 4th be with you, on that note today's topic is Fantasy Escorts, there are many agency that brag they are fantasy friendly.

Are they really? That is the real question, so in our opinion a fantasy escort is a woman who will dress up and role play a character you request her to become, but this is always at the girls descression.

The other alternative is that you may see one of our beautiful woman, then decided that she is the fantasy you been dreaming about. Truly only you will know this, that is why we won't second guess this for you, we will encourage you to advise us on what you want from the escort of your choosing.

Please do remember that curtain lady's will have there own levels of services, this is fully their choice, but enough about the legals.

We are here for Your Fantasy Girls, our advise would be with any agency is to pick a girl you like and call to enquirer to see if that service is available. Check all our escorts here