Where to take an escort on a date

Written by Matt Fox.

What you’re seeking is more than just a hop in the sack. You want to have some fun with your escort before the big event. Are you thinking about taking your escort out for a night on the town? Here we’ll give you some suggestions on where to take her. Escorts are just like everyone else. They like to let their hair down and have a good time too. You may find the experience is much more enjoyable after you’ve shown your new lady friend a good time.

Restaurants are always great places to take a lady. Ask your escort beforehand if she has any dietary restrictions. Usually it’s a safe bet that most women want to choose something healthy. You should make sure the place you’re going has at least a few healthy options for your lady friend. Going to a restaurant that serves only salad isn’t needed. Just remember that women usually eat differently than men. You may want a big juicy steak, but she’s going to be thinking about how it’ll go straight to her hips.

One our Restaurants recommendations is Loch Fyne they serve great sea food and girll.

Bars and night clubs can offer a great amount of entertainment. Keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum. You may also want to keep an eye on how many drinks the escort is having as well. Neither of you will be having a good time if either one of you is drunk. Anything beyond a drink or two and it usually spells bad news. Bars can be fun, but probably should be avoided in the long run. You don’t want to sabotage your evening before it gets started.

The main thing to keep in mind is, how long something lasts. You can take your date to a concert or to a carnival. The problem is, these types of events usually take quite a bit of time to enjoy. You or your date probably won’t want to leave before the concert is over. The same could be said about the opera, plays, or any theatrical entertainment. You’re going to be sitting there for at least a few hours. That amount of time can certainly spoil any romantic feelings you might be having. This very well may be true if you’ve never met the escort before. If you’re a repeat customer, then things are different. You probably have a good grasp on what the two of you like and can make arrangements accordingly.

Taking your escort out for a little fun is a great idea. Just remember that you’ve got to have enough energy afterwards to enjoy some fun in the sack. Don’t make the mistake of walking into the bedroom already tired. Your ability to function will be greatly diminished and the experience you have with the escort will suffer. Plan your evening in advance and things will go smoothly. Don’t wait and make arrangements at the last minute. You can easily search online for any attractions that are in the Portsmouth during your night of fun. Planning ahead will ensure that you and the escort of your dreams has an unforgettable time.