The Night Has Just Begun

Written by Matt Fox.

Let’s set the mood for the perfect escort experience. First off, the escort is looking amazingly stunning. To the point she arouses you just at the sight of her. Now what you should do to make the evening as good as it possibly can be? That’s what we’re going to talk about here. You’re always going to want to be relaxed. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t be excited. You should be extremely excited when it comes to the encounter you’re about to have. What you shouldn’t be is nervous. Being nervous may make it difficult for you to function in the bedroom. This very well could translate into you not having the fun you’re seeking. You wouldn’t be the first guy that wasn’t able to function properly because he was too nervous. Keep calm and enjoy the experience.

Don’t be alarmed when the escort asks you to wear a condom. She’s not treating you any differently than her other customers. Your escort isn’t doing it because she thinks you have a sexually transmitted disease. This is common practice and you should be aware of it. Any escort that doesn’t make you wear a condom should be avoided. Learn how to wear a condom and you’ll get used to it eventually. The risk of disease and unwanted pregnancy is too high not to wear one. It’s a big mistake to have any sort of encounter with an escort without wearing a condom. You may even want to bring a condom or two with you. That way you can be prepared just in case the escort doesn’t have any.

Be attentive and listen to what your escort has to say. What you’re trying to do is avoid anything that may lead to an uncomfortable situation. Sure, it’s nice to be polite and follow closely anything she may have to say. You’re trying to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Communication is key and is needed in these situations. You do not want to be distracted in any way. Turn off your cell phone and make sure you haven’t drank too much. Avoid anything that will distract you from the escort. Everyone lives a busy life and we all want to be connected. There are times that you shouldn’t be connected and when you’re enjoying the services of an escort is one of them.

Avoid eating anything that will give you bad breath or gas before visiting an escort. You may even consider buying some gum or mints to freshen your breath. Always remember that you’re getting up close and personal with these escorts. Imagine for a second if you had to deal with a bunch of smelly clients. You’d get sick and tired of it in no time flat. That’s why you should make sure to smell and look good. Take a bath before visiting the escort and brush your teeth as well. Save the garlic and anchovy pizza for after your time with the escort.

Fun is what you’re seeking. The best way to get it is by being calm and considerate. Keep in mind that your escort does this for a living. You’re not her only client. By realizing this you’ll make her job easier and your experience will be so much better. Escorts like clients that care about them and will work harder at making them happy. Just something to keep in mind before and during your next visit.