Sex or Your Mobile Phone

Sex or Your Mobile Phone

Written by Matt Fox.

Oh dear! It seems that 94% of us would rather give up sex for a week than our mobile phone! Oh come on guys, isn't the close intimacy of sex much more preferable to your phone? After all, if it's only a week, you can tell everyone about the fun you had afterwards and really blast out those messages!

A survey carried out by a mobile insurance company has found that we just can't live without our phones and they take priority over our sex lives. Perhaps the people they asked are so busy using and playing on their phones they don't have a sex life to start off with! At Hot Portsmouth Escorts, we didn't agree. However useful our mobile phones may be there's no way we'd give up sex before our phone!

Dr Pam Spurr, a relationship expert, says she's not surprised and worries that this is bad news for relationships. It seems that we've become obsessed with updating our social networks at the expense of concentrating on our relationships. Since most social networks seem to be about our relationships it seems a rather odd that we wouldn't rather spend more time with our partners than our phone! Or are we perhaps obsessed with other people's lives? Which is a sad reflection on society. Personally, my own life is interesting enough for me and I don't really have that much interest in other peoples.

Dr Pam said "Researchers are beginning to understand how excessive use of mobiles and other technology is potentially as addictive as alcohol and drugs. This is a wake-up call to finding more balance in our lives."