Noisy Sex Is More Fun

Noisy Sex Is More Fun

Written by Matt Fox.

Noisy sex is more fun, say the researchers. Our great friends, those university researchers from all over the world, have focused their attention on the relationship between noisy sex and enjoyment. This time it's the turn of Leeds University.

Yet the research is interesting and not that straight forward, as we are beginning to discover is true with most of these 'surveys'! For a start the research team used just 71 women to come to their conclusions. And we don't know how old they were either. Ah well, maybe 71 women is enough to make this kind of rash statement, but it didn't say how many men they interviewed.

The Leeds researchers claim there is a direct correlation between expressing enjoyment and enhanced pleasure and that women are noisier than men in the bedroom. They do go on to say that this may be because they want to encourage their partner or because they have more intense orgasms.

It appears that the women concerned said that they made most noise just before and during their partner’s orgasm. Two thirds of them said they deliberately did this to help their partner 'finish'. Now this could be better sex, but it could be just because they want it over and they've learnt that making encouraging noises helps the process along! To say that they are having better sex just because they are making more noise seems rather a leap!

The research has been published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour. It claims that '92 per cent of participants felt very strongly that these vocalisations boosted their partners’ self-esteem. We expect it does, but we still don't see that necessarily makes it better for BOTH partners. It seems 87 per cent reported using vocalisation for this purpose. And when it comes to men, they tend to be less noisy, but enjoy sex more when their lover is. Hmm….

It's also true that women 'fake it' quite often…. and maybe making a noise is just a way of letting their partner think it's wonderful! Here at the Hot Portsmouth Escorts offices, we're not convinced. But no doubt this research will do a lot to convince men with noisy partners that the sex must be wonderful…