Condom Safety

Condom Safety

Written by Matt Fox.

Are condoms safe? It’s a question a lot of people are asking today. That’s what we’re going to talk about here. The short answer should be very clear. Condoms are not only safe, but they’re effective as well. A condom will protect you from diseases and can be used as a contraceptive. That means you can use a condom to keep you healthy and to prevent pregnancy. Two things that as a customer of escorts you’ve got to be concerned about. Here we’re going to talk a little more in depth about this and a few other things as well.

You should always wear a condom when having sex with an escort. It’s a good idea to bring one to have it available for when the time comes. Escorts usually carry with them a stash of condoms. Think of it as a tool of the trade. That doesn’t mean escorts never forget. Keep one on hand just in case they do. It very well may save yourself from disease or getting the escort pregnant. Never have sex with an escort that doesn’t make you wear a condom. It means that she’s having unprotected sex with other people. This is a very bad sign and you need to avoid escorts that behave in such a manner. Your health and that of the escort should always be a priority.

Does a condom ruin the experience? The short answer is, no it doesn’t. In fact, it can lengthen the amount of time that you enjoy sex. Most guys notice they can last quite a bit longer when wearing a condom. This means you don’t have to worry about finishing too fast. You’ll be able to last longer and enjoy the sex more. This is a key thing that you need to understand. There are times when you finish way too fast. That means you’re going to end up not having the experience you want. A condom will help prolong the pleasure and you’ll get to enjoy the excitement a little longer. You may want to experiment and find the right condom for you. Your local pharmacy should have variety packs with several different types of condoms in them. Give each style of condom a try and see which is right for you.

Lastly, condoms prevent unwanted pregnancy. It’s something that every person having sex needs to think about. You’re not going to want to have a baby with the escort. All you want is to have a little fun. A condom offers the protection you both need when it comes to preventing a pregnancy. Don’t let your fling in the sack turn into more than that. You can do so by wearing a condom. It’ll go a long ways in preventing pregnancy and protecting you from a lifelong commitment.

Don’t be one of these guys that thinks they’ll never catch a disease. Some men think they have some sort of magic that will keep them from getting sick. No one does and all it takes is one time. Sure, most sexually transmitted diseases today are treatable. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a big inconvenience. Take the proper precaution and you’ll protect yourself from both disease and pregnancy. Learn how to properly wear a condom and it’ll become second nature before you know it. You should always make it a habit to use a condom when enjoying the services of an escort. It’s the best way to ensure that you’ll be healthy, happy, and ready for some fun again in the not so distant future.