Boxers Vs Briefs What Our Southampton Escorts Think ?

Written by Matt Fox.

The escorting world’s been divided for a sometime over the hunk in trunks.

A man’s underwear has undergone a radical change and is now more of a fashion statement than anything else, take David Beckham for example who would not want his golden balls modelling their underwear.

Boxers vs Briefs

Most men prefer wearing boxers even if it does have its own share of discomforts because they firmly believe that tighter briefs reduce the sperm count in men.

But do girls really prefer boxers over briefs?

There really isn’t such a thing as the sexier underwear. The best adage that can be associated with underwear is probably ‘to each his own’. So irrespective of whether you’re a boxer man or a brief dude, don’t worry. You’re still hot stuff!

Worried about what women would think about your underwear? The chatter about boxers being preferred over all other types of underwear is just a myth.

Our Southampton escorts don't mind as long as you're comfortable for you.