Boost Your Sex Life

Boost Your Sex Life

Written by Matt Fox.

Research carried out by boutique serviced apartments Blue Rainbow Aparthotels suggests that spending time apart can boost your sex life. It seems that same is true of a night away together. They report that couple who spend one night away from each other each month have more sex when they are together.

would appear from their research that spending every night together isn't a guarantee of more sex. Two thousand couples were surveyed with 54% of them reporting that being reunited was a turn on. There was also the parting sex too! Perhaps it's not so surprising that people say that being away from the stress of home life is one reason why they get friskier on their return. A quarter reported that they felt they had more energy after spending a night alone.

According to the report, couple who spend two nights apart have sex 110 times a years compared to those who are only apart less than 12 times a year, when the figure drops to 56 times a year.

So does absence always make the heart grow fonder? Well if you're Scottish it seems the answer is an unequivocal yes! It seems 76% of them get frisker after a break. Unfortunately, if you come from Manchester that figure drops to just 33%!