Whats the diffrence blonde or brunette escorts

Whats the diffrence blonde or brunette

Written by Matt Fox.

Whats the diffrence blonde or brunette escorts

Some people have different Therese on why they choose blonde or brunette me personally I prefer brunettes they seem more down to earth and responsible, with blondes they seem to be more ditzy and fun and have a care free attitude.

And here at Hot Portsmouth Escorts we have many stunning blondes and lots of sexy brunette’s for you to choose from, they all come in different shapes and sizes as well if you like more variety in a woman.

But what would be your perfect choice for a romantic evening together a sassy vibrant blonde, or a more calm and placid brunette in which you can have thriving conversations with, What I’m going to do now is list you the top 3 blondes and see which you prefer.

We have lots of blondes for you to choose from this is the top 3 which has clients keep coming back begging for more but please come in and look for yourself.


The second blonde I’ve picked is the very slender bubbly model Sky, Sky will take you to heaven and back and then back down to reality she is a top professional at what she does, you can view her pics at this link below.


Our last blonde babe I’ve chosen is the very sexy Olivia, this raunchy playmate has all the skills to make you keep begging for more you have to check out her pictures to see what I’m on about.


So if a sexy blonde is what you’re looking for then you’ll be spoiled for choice at Hot Portsmouth Escorts we have very friendly round the clock staff, that are always willing to cater to your every need, you can contact us at this number 07747038696, or visit us on this website thank you for patience Hot Portsmouth Escorts.