Lose wieght with Portsmouth Escorts

Lose weight with a Portsmouth escort in 2017

Written by Matt Fox.

Lose weight with a Portsmouth escort in 2017.

We are now into our second week of January 2017 and it looks like it will be a fantastic year.

So what’s new, many of us are looking at our new year’s resolutions for 2017 with a powerful stride in our step.

For many men and women it’s about losing weight, we believe we can help with a few suggestions.

1) Set a Goal

(Lose weight by a certain date, maybe as extra encouragement make it official and book up a lovely escort? To treat yourself and your new look.)

2) Keep it clean

(Try keeping the calories to a minimum, this will help shrink your appetite and you will see fast weight loss, don’t worry leave the dirty stuff to us.)


(If time allows you try to exercise for 30 minutes to an hour every day, the gym or going for a jog is a great way to kick start this, but should you want to exercise with one of our escorts I am sure they can find a way to help you burn extra calories)

4) Keep it up

If you make it past week 1 and week 2 in 2017, why can’t you keep going? We believe if you done the 3 above steps then treat yourself in moderation, remember it’s about little and often but most importantly it’s about consistency.

Being consistent is the top secret to losing weight, if your consistent and watch what you eat and regularly exercise you will lose weight [TIME] will be your friend if you consistent.

But no matter how you look our escorts are here to support and comfort you when you need it the most, should you need motivation or a relaxing massage then we can help.

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