Best hotels in Portsmouth

Best hotels in Portsmouth

Written by Matt Fox.

The best hotels in Portsmouth

When you book an escort for the first time you want it to be memorable and special, so you want to be sure that you book the right Hotel that you feel comfortable in, don’t just pick the first hotel you see do some research around Portsmouth and make sure that you get the best experience by booking the best hotel money can buy.

I stayed in quite a few in my time but I only use the best escorting agency in Portsmouth which is Hot Portsmouth Escorts, they have very friendly and trusting staff and the models that they employ are by far the most sexiest girls I’ve ever seen in one agency, and believe me I have looked in tons.

But hot Portsmouth escorts tops it all, so when you book an escort from hot Portsmouth escorts you want to be sure that you book the right hotel to enjoy the experience, I am now going to list the top 3 hotels in Portsmouth which from experience I have stayed in.

Hotel number 1

The first hotel which I will tell you about is got 3 out 5 stars it is called Best Western Royal Beach, the address is St Helens parade Portsmouth postcode, P04 0RN. This hotel was awesome clean and tidy rooms excellent service and fairly cheap for what you’re getting.

Hotel number 2

Our second hotel it’s got a funny name but I enjoyed staying their all the same, it’s called the Royal Maritime Club, its located in the city centre and again 3out of 5 stars but me personally I would give it 5out of 5 the food was excellent that staff awesome I liked it very much.

Hotel number 3

I’ve saved the best for last as they say this one is called the Portsmouth Marriot this got a 4out of 5 review which I totally agree with awesome staff very clean and tidy and the rooms where a prefect size and the bathrooms where lovely to properly the best one for me.

I just want people to be aware that make your first escorting experience a memorable one by picking the right hotel pay that extra bit more and make it fun and worth while.