10 stone balls

10 stone testicles

Written by Matt Fox.

10 Stone Testicles

Poor Tim R. His testicles began to swell after he squashed them in his sleep back in 2016. The swelling just kept going despite being prescribed antibiotics, until they weighed in at a massive 10 stone.

Tim was so disfigured he had to wear a hoodie top as trousers to support the weight of his enormous testicles. He also suffered incredible pain.

After being diagnosed with scrotal lymphedema an operation was recommended to remove the sac, but doctors told him it would costs thousands to perform.

The 32 year old couldn't afford the surgery at the time and the sac continued to cause him embarrassment and pain. Apparently Tim even considered selling them on Ebay to help pay for the surgery! Now who would have bought them we wonder!

Eventually a doctor offered to perform the surgery for free. It took 13 hours to complete. Now wouldn’t you think that Tim would be a happy man now? Wrong. It seems that the surgery has left him with just a 1 inch penis, that doesn't get any bigger.

Now the Brit is worried he will never have a proper relationship with a woman. “My natural look prior to the growth is not what came out of surgery. What came out of surgery is a nub an inch long and it doesn’t get any larger," said Tim.

The surgery was filmed for Channel 4 and will be shown on 24th June. Tim is making a good recovery but will need more surgery in the near future.