Advantages of being a regular client?

Written by Matt Fox.

What are the advantages of being a regular client? Many of you reading this go from escort to escort and wonder why you’re experiences vary. You very well may have a great experience with one and a second rate experience with another. No two escorts are the same and you know this. It’s better to take the time to get to know one escort. By doing so you’ll make sure that the escort knows what you like. Here we’re going to talk about the advantages of being a regular client of an escort. There are many advantages and a few of them may actually surprise you.

The first advantage is the one we spoke about. The escort will have a chance to get to know you. Each client is unique and what they require to be satisfied can vary greatly. You may be the type that isn’t all that much into foreplay. While another client may need the extra attention to make sure his juices are flowing properly. Everyone is different and what you require in the bedroom won’t ever be exactly like someone else. It takes time for an escort to get to know you. No escort will ever know right away all the things you like in the bedroom. Knowing such information takes time and a one night quickie isn’t long enough to learn.

The experience is much more friendly when you know the escort. Sometimes what you experience with an escort can be very plain. You don’t know each other and you’re trying to figure out a lot. There’s little information known about the two of you from the beginning. The human mind is trying to get all the information it can. There is also the aspect of nervousness with both the client and escort. You very well may be uncomfortable with the idea that this is a new woman that you’ve never met before. That in itself can translate into awkwardness. This won’t be a problem when you’re a repeat customer. Both of you will already be familiar with each other.

Regular clients often times get priority over others. This means you’ll have better access to the escort. Often times an escort will make more of an effort to squeeze in her regular clients. It also could mean that she’ll notify you of any last minute cancelations. This way you can enjoy some time alone with her even if you forgot to book a meeting. A regular customer will also be familiar with the escort’s schedule. This is important because you’ll know when she’s available. It’s a poke in the dark when some escorts are available. You can also schedule your next appointment in person. You can set up your next visit right after the current one is over. You’ll know right away if she has any available slots open for your next encounter.

Lastly, the escort will know what you like and don’t like. She’ll also know what it takes to satisfy you. The goal of any good escort is to make sure her clients come back for more. The way she does this is by making sure you’re completely satisfied. The escort will work hard to remember what you like and to always perform up to your expectation. This is the kind of service you can only expect from a top notch escort that you’re a regular client of.