5 reason why men should hire escorts

5 reason why men should hire escorts

Written by Matt Fox.

Every man has a reason why he hires escorts. No two men do so for the same reason. Here we’re going to give you the top five reasons why men hire escorts.

Some of these might be surprising to a few of you. Though, they really shouldn’t be much of a shock. Men have been enjoying the company of escorts since time began.

There’s no need for a good reason other than to enjoy some satisfaction. Which is the one thing an escort can deliver better than anyone else.

5. Men want to be in control

It’s true and every guy knows it. How many times were you in the sack with a woman and she was the one in control? You never have that problem with an escort. You’re always the one that’s in control.

4. It’s all about the fantasy

You and every other guy out there has fantasies. Everyone wants to live them out. Sometimes the only way to do so is with the help of an escort.

This will be especially true if you’ve got one or more fantasies that are a little off the wall.

3. The fastest way to have sex is with an escort

There are many methods guys use to try to get some action. They can range from sitting on a bar stool to trying social networking sites.

All of which lead to nothing more than a waste of time. Sure, some guys join dating sites and score that way.

It still takes quite a bit of time and she’s probably going to have to be your girlfriend. An escort will give you what you want right away. There’s no dating for months or even years before you get to have a little fun in the sack.

2. No strings attached

All a guy wants is sex. Most women want a relationship and other things. It’s difficult for a guy to get some action without strings attached.

The best way he can do it is with an escort. The escort will never want or expect anything more than a quick fling. It’s fun in the sack and that’s it.

In fact, that’s the way an escort wants to keep it. A good escort is strictly business and she wants nothing more from you than your satisfaction and money. Plain and simple.

1. Escorts are always super hot

Let’s be honest for a minute. The hottest girls you’ve ever had fun with were escorts. They’re always ten times more sexy than normal girls.

Keep in mind, this is what they do for a living. They have to be really sexy or none of them would make any money.

You can enjoy a much better looking woman than what you’d find at a bar. Those women are always tired, worn out, and usually pretty ugly. You’ve go to be drunk to find them attractive. That’s never the case with an escort. She’ll always be mind shattering sexy and up for a real good time.

There you have the five reasons why most men enjoy the services of escorts. Have a reason that’s not on the list? We only put the top five here.

There are many other reasons as well. Choosing an escort for an evening of fun is always a great idea. You’ll get exactly what you want without any strings attached. That’s what makes it possible to live out every single one of your fantasies with these talented and beautiful women we call escorts.